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"An ambulance streaks past on the Trans-Canada Highway with lights flashing and siren wailing to attend a car crash, a medical call or a high-elevation rescue.

Motorists move aside, wondering what happened; sometimes that question is answered either when the ambulance is spotted on the side of the highway, its crew preparing a patient for transport to the hospital, days later when a photograph appears in the newspaper, or when the gossip mill catches up.

Until we have reason or need, that glimpse is usually all we get of what life must be like as a paramedic or an emergency medical technician.

But Graeme Pole, an author and paramedic, has that deeper view and he draws on both for his new novel, Siren Call."

"Siren Call is an escape into a different reality. It will have you hoping that if you are ever in need of a medic, it will be someone like William Marshall taking the call."

Pat Morrow penned some kind words about Siren Call in a Facebook post, September 2018.


Greg Friese posted this review on Amazon.

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Long and Short Reviews posted this on April 30, 2020. Click here to go to the review.

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