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Graeme Pole's catalogue includes these out-of-print titles.

To purchase, send Graeme an email, or shop online for used copies here.

Canadian Rockies SuperGuide


Graeme Pole's professional writing career began in 1989 with a tremendous opportunity – a mass-market guidebook that had the bold intention of interpreting an iconic landscape as it had not been interpreted before. Was it a souvenir book? Yes, but one where the information was given more weight and space than the images. Did the approach work? Yes; unequivocally. This was the book that started the avalanche of local-interest writing that soon swept through publishing houses and into bookstores across western Canada.


As the flagship title of Altitude Publishing’s SuperGuide series, Canadian Rockies went through two editions and 15 printings in 15 years, selling more than 225,000 copies - easily making it the best-selling Canadian guidebook of its era.


Canadian Rockies SuperGuide went out of print with the demise of Altitude Publishing in January 2008. The title has been replaced in Graeme's catalogue by Canadian Rockies Explorer


SuperGuide is a Trade Name of Altitude Publishing and the Heritage Group.


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