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Rails Across the Rockies


Mountain Vision Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its first e-book, Rails Across the Rockies


With 54 black and white photographs and maps, Rails Across the Rockies tells the stories of the surveying and construction of the Canadian Pacific, Grand Trunk Pacific, and Canadian Northern railways in the glory days of Canadian railroading.


Published January 2015

Featured on


ISBN 978-0-9697249-8-8 , $3.99 CDN. 

Available wherever you buy e-books. 





When you do this job well, you can save more than the lives of your patients.


William Marshall, emergency medical technician with Mountain EMS, dedicates his life to providing patient care in Banff National Park. A seasoned medic, ‘Marsh’ responds to highway wrecks, medical calls, and backcountry disasters with compassion for the injured and a heart for the homeless. Struggling with his past and with a desperately understaffed service, Marsh coaches new-hire Miranda Walker through the learning curve of the job. While answering to an overbearing medical director, and with the local fire department vying to take over Mountain EMS, Marsh and Miranda confront public and

private emergencies

with professionalism, courage, and humour.


Against the odds, they turn their service and each other’s lives around.

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