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Mount Columbia from Snowdome



produces richly informative guidebooks to the Canadian Rockies, novels, and illustrated histories about western Canada. Researched and written by Graeme Pole, these titles have been mainstays for booksellers, visitors, and residents for thirty-three years. 


"Graeme Pole’s atristry of organization is sustained through all the ‘place’ chapters and that reflects his experience as a writer. But there is another artistry present – his superb photography. Mountain peaks, lakes, rivers, geological features, birds, animals, flowers, trees mentioned in the chapters are likely to have an illustrative photo or even several. They vary in size, but virtually every page has one or more of his hundreds. So the reader, immersed in information about the Rockies, is also treated to a corresponding parade of images. Voices of explorers, mountaineers, artists, entrepreneurs and administrators are heard. And Pole, in an understated way, accompanies the reader, occasionally recalling a hike here, a morning photograph of caribou there, or a threatening avalanche situation."


Fred Judson, reviewing Canadian Rockies Explorer in Alberta Wildlands Advocate


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